The Mentorship Aspect of Lamplighters

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“Concorde was one of my best vehicles that helped me gain the confidence I needed to change my life. … It all started with a vision, a will and Concorde.”

Lucy Vang
Medical Assistant Graduate

“Concorde for me was life-changing.”

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The black scrubs make a difference at Concorde, helping make it more than just another health care career college. At Concorde, black scrubs signify you are a member of an elite unit. They signify you are a student leader on campus as a member of our Lamplighter Student Ambassador program. Each of our 16 campuses of the health care career college has a Lamplighter group. And, beyond being cheerleaders for our student body, Lamplighters are involved. That includes on-campus events such as New Student Orientations, Start Days, Commencement and other high-profile activities. The most vital contribution a Lamplighter makes is being a mentor to new students. They teach new students the ropes of matriculating at a health care career college. They do what they can to make new students feel at home. "Lamplighter students support our students by tutoring and being role models," said Natalie Gaspard, Learning Resource Coordinator and Lamplighter Advisor at Concorde's Kansas City campus. "New students look up to them and know that students wearing black scrubs will help them at a moment's notice."

Lamplighters on call at health care career college

Jean Thornblom, Learning Resource Center Coordinator and Lamplighter Advisor at Concorde's campus in San Antonio, shared these thoughts about the Lamplighter program.
  • Lamplighters try to get to know all their classmates and make themselves available should anyone need help.
  • One Lamplighter said he shares his cell number and email with his classmates so they can contact him outside of class.
  • One seasoned Lamplighter said she created a group on Facebook and Snapchat for her cohort to facilitate communication and sharing.
  • All Lamplighters agreed that they have (or will) fill in classmates who have been absent with what they missed and help them catch up.
Thornblom said one Lamplighter told her that, by mentoring other students, it helps his own health care career college studies. "We encourage Lamplighters to be at every new start orientation," Thornblom said. "They introduce themselves, talk about the program and tell the new students if they need help with anything to watch for someone wearing black scrubs. Often, they will share some tips that have helped them." It seems that Lamplighters often help students within their own classes with content. "We did have one Lamplighter who was a former algebra teacher who made herself available to tutor any clinical student taking math online," Thornblom said. "Several students owe their passing math grades to her."

Become a Concorde Career College Lamplighter today!

If you are positive, encouraging, reliable and willing to go above and beyond, sign up to become a Lamplighter today at your health care career college campus. "It's a great way to help ease in new students, give back to your community and practice networking," Gaspard said. "Employers (in our area) know that Lamplighters work hard and understand group dynamics." health care job interview