Polysomnographic technology: Help for those sleepless nights

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polysomnographic technology

There probably isn't one of us out there who hasn't, at least once or a thousand times, experienced a sleepless night. Would you like to make a positive impact in the lives of those who suffer nightly from a sleep disorder? There are so many people worldwide - estimated in the millions - who suffer from sleep disorders that there's a relatively new field dedicated to helping alleviate the conditions: Polysomnographic Technology. Concorde has a Polysomnographic Technology program that trains students through hands-on, clinical learning experiences to diagnose and treat sleep disorders and improve the quality of life for those in your community. You'll become the Sherlock Holmes of the sleep-based medical community. Using specialized equipment, Sleep Techs monitor brain waves, eye movement, muscle activity, breathing, and blood oxygen variables during sleep. And, at Concorde, you can get your diploma and be in your rewarding new career in as few as eight months. Find out more about becoming a Polysomnographic Technologist, a sleep tech, and Concorde's program in the 30-second video below. At Concorde, we're committed to training you comprehensively and getting you into your career quickly, so that you're fully prepared on Day 1 of the job. Put simply, we're committed to seeing you succeed. Upon graduation, you'll be prepared and eligible to sit for the certification exam through the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists and become certified to work in a variety of settings from hospitals to clinics. The work setting is highly professional, calm and less stressful than many health professions. Best of all, you'll help provide insight that will lead to solutions to creating a better night's rest for patients and their families. If you've been searching for the right Polysomnographic Technology program, your search ends at Concorde. What are you waiting for? Opportunity awaits!

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