Are you job-hunt ready? We’re here to help!

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“I think it’s an amazing school. When I sat down for boards, I felt more than adequately prepared. If you put the work in, your success is almost guaranteed.”

Kontessa Brown
Dental Assisting Graduate
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“I decided to go to school because I was tired of working dead-end jobs. … When I found out I was pregnant, I realized that I needed a better life for me, for my child, for my husband, and just to better myself.”

Trenisha Jones
Dental Assistant Graduate

Spring is a time of newness, where closets are cleaned out, bicycles are tuned-up in anticipation of warmer weather, and gardens are planted in hopeful anticipation of the harvest to come. But what about dusting off your resume? Whether you're on the job hunt or getting ready to graduate with your health care degree, now is a great time to team up with the folks in the Graduate Employment Services (GES) office to get interview ready! Each one of our 16 campuses has dedicated professionals who will work with you from start to finish as you launch into your career.

It takes a village to place a graduate

"The purpose of GES is to prepare students for successful careers in the healthcare industry," said Cassie Geddes, Director of Graduate Employment at Concorde's Jacksonville campus. She said, from the first day after a student graduates, we help with things like:
  • resume writing
  • networking with employers for career opportunities
  • interviewing skills
  • building professional relationships with students and employers
  • scheduling interviews
  • providing career prep workshops
  • being a support system for students transitioning into their new professions
Rob Gruber, a Graduate Employment Specialist at Concorde's North Hollywood campus, said, "Our goal is to educate, guide, coach, mentor and motivate trained and skilled healthcare professionals toward rewarding healthcare careers."

Preparation is nine-tenths of the law

While they sound like fairy-godmothers, a common misconception students sometimes tend to have is that by working with our GES offices they are guaranteed placement. It's a process that takes time. Both Gruber and Geddes agree that a positive attitude is one of the most basic and helpful qualities applicants can bring to their searches. "Positive thinking brings positive results," said Geddes. In addition to a positive attitude, Gruber cautions students about coming to the table empty-handed. He encourages students to bring an up-to-date resume, cover letter and thank you letter. Even if it needs some polishing, having things like previous employment, accomplishments and awards documented ahead of time makes the process of building a modern, functional resume much easier. In his experience, Erin Slape, GE specialist at North Hollywood, has found that "it is important to remember that this is a collaborative process." While Graduate Employment does have leads, Slape finds that students and graduates who are actively searching for jobs on their own and bring in opportunities they feel are a good fit for them, have a much higher success rate. "It takes an entire team to place a student," said Geddes.

Don't wait until you're looking for a job to start

Gruber points out that finding a job takes all sorts of skills working in tandem. And, due to the nature of our accelerated programs, it's even more important that students not wait until they are finished with their respective program to start honing those skills. Geddes reminds students that while long-term career placement is the ultimate goal, many on her campus don't realize that the GES team can also provide assistance with part-time opportunities during school, as well. We don't sit and wait for you to find us. Sometimes we'll come to you! "We provide a support system that will help keep the students engaged with providing career progression workshops, scheduling guest speakers, 'peek into your future' presentations and just simply making visits to the classrooms to remind the students to visit their Graduate Employment Office," said Geddes. Equally important, remember that our commitment to you doesn't end the day you graduate. We offer ongoing placement to our alumni as they make moves in and around the health care field. Health care training program options at Concorde Career College