An Old Face Finds a New Home as Campus President in North Hollywood

“Concorde for me was life-changing.”

Becky of Kansas City, MO via
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“I think it’s an amazing school. When I sat down for boards, I felt more than adequately prepared. If you put the work in, your success is almost guaranteed.”

Kontessa Brown
Dental Assisting Graduate
North Hollywoood CP Dr. G


Dr. Garo Ghazarian has been in the education sector for 33 years, but that wasn't always his plan. Dr. G, as he is often referred to, started out going to medical school at Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara with plans of becoming a doctor. He graduated in 1984.

"After I completed med school and my internship, I took two years off for personal reasons. During that period, I needed an income so I began teaching some basic science courses at a local community college and there I began my love for education and specifically for teaching", he explains.

Dr. Ghazarian continues "As often in life, one unexpected event led to another, and 33 years later I'm still in the education sector and back at Concorde."

Dr. Ghazarian last worked at Concorde from mid-1996 to the end of 2004 and he says, "it was one of the best experiences I had with a career college."

When asked about coming back Dr. G said, "It's great to see the culture has sustained all these years and the company's primary goal in servicing our students remains to be compliance above all."

Over the past few months, Dr. G has been getting his feet wet at the North Hollywood campus. In talking about work he equates being a campus president to conducting an orchestra. "Admissions, Financial Aid, Education, and Student Affairs, being the String, Woodwind, Brass and Percussion sections. I'll let you guess which one is which. If conducted well, great music will be the outcome, if not, it could be painful to the ears."

His goals for 2020 are no different than any year, "work hard and have some fun along the way".

"I love my job," Dr. Ghazarian says. "It is hugely gratifying even though often it feels like jumping out of a perfectly well-flying airplane."

We wish Dr. G and North Hollywood flying success in 2020!