A Life Spent Prepping for a Career He Loves

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“I think it’s an amazing school. When I sat down for boards, I felt more than adequately prepared. If you put the work in, your success is almost guaranteed.”

Kontessa Brown
Dental Assisting Graduate

“Without the support of certain instructors … I would not have pushed myself to grasp the concepts and pass my boards on the first attempt. Once I passed my boards, it was less than one month after that I landed my first Respiratory Therapist job where I am currently working with so much joy every day.”

Marcus Streator
Respiratory Therapy graduate
Brian Gold


Concorde alum Brian Gold completed his Surgical Tech training in 1992. Since then, his education and career have followed an impressive trajectory through nursing school and a subsequent bachelor's degree to his current role at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center (HP), where he oversees the work of more than 100 employees.

"As Director of PeriOperative Services, I am responsible for the Surgery Department and all the details that make the procedures run smoothly. I make sure that all instruments are sterilized properly and all anticipated supplies are available. I also ensure aseptic techniques and best practices are used by all Surgical Techs, Anesthesia, Nurses and staff. At HP, Ambulatory Surgery, GI Lab and PACU are also under my supervision."

Brian traces his initial interest in the medical field to his formative years in elementary school: "I knew from a very early age that I wanted to be in the surgical field, probably since the time I was dissecting animals back in elementary school. Concorde provided me a direct path to get where I knew I belonged."

Any day in the life of a Surg Tech professional can be filled with drama, from life-sustaining procedures to end-of-life closure. Sometimes both can occur at the same time, as is the case when organ, eye or tissue donation procedures are on the surgical calendar. Brian recalls just such a career-affirming procedure and the emotions that followed:

"Sometime shortly after I scrubbed my very first harvest, I received a thank you letter from OneLegacy, the non-profit procurement organization which took the organs in the middle of that fateful night. That's when I realized the work I do actually makes a very real difference directly affecting the lives of so many people. The training that prepared me for these types of surgical procedures was well worth all the time and effort I had put into my education."

"That morning as I drove home in the pre-dawn hours, I had something akin to an epiphany or an 'aha moment' as I realized this was my true calling. I knew right then I'd made the right career choice."

In a work environment where emotions run high and stress comes with the territory, it's wise to have an outlet beyond the walls of the surgical suite where one can kick back, relax and unwind. For Brian, that means retreating to the comforts of his southern California home and the pastimes that keep him grounded. "I enjoy my cactus and succulent collection and I have an avid interest in photography. Both provide me with the therapeutic energy and creative expression that enable me to re-charge my batteries and prepare for the challenges yet to come."

Brian acknowledges that it takes a certain type of personality to ride the emotional waves inherent to a career in a surgical suite.

"The OR and the miracles that happen there on a daily basis are not for everyone. Only a select few have the intestinal fortitude to remain unfazed by the sight of blood and calmly perform their duties during what can routinely be life and death situations."

Asked how he would assess the current state of the health care industry and the potential it holds for those considering where their professional futures might lead, Brian responds with this:

"Health care is filled with opportunities for a great career, especially if you derive personal satisfaction from helping others. Every living person will, at some point, need the help of a highly trained, compassionate professional. There will never be a shortage of great jobs in health care."

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